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The British Army is set to move away from its use of the FN Para Minimi or L110A2/A3 at the fire team level. During a seminar at the 2018 Future Soldier Technology conference, held in London 12th-14th March, the CO of the British Army’s Infantry Trials and Development Unit confirmed that the L110A2/A3 would be dropped. The move will widen the debate around suppressive vs precision fire.

Talk of abandoning the 5.56x45mm Minimi began back in 2016 as an effort to ‘fight light’ and remove some of the weight burdens at the dismounted infantry section level. At the seminar last week Lt.Col. Nick Serle of the Infantry Trials and Development Unit (ITDU) explained that “We want to reduce the burden and there are better ways to provide suppression through precision.” The L7A2 general purpose machine gun, however, will remain in use at the platoon level.
The move away from belt-fed light machine guns mirrors that of the US Marine Corps 2010 decision to transition away from the M249, their own version of the Minimi, to the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle for higher rates of precision fire. In British terms, the infantry is moving back towards the initially envisaged role of the L86 Light Support Weapon.
Но нашим диванным убиваторам все равно нужен МИИИНИМИ!

"Им нужен МИИИНИМИ"
(с) Ветер
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