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Готовая реклама для Концерна...

оператор наводчик
камрад sakstorp

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"А глаз прицелом я разбил себе вот так"(с)

Там камменты на Ютубе вполне так отжигают -
-Only John Rambo could get hits from a 1,000 yards from the unsupported kneeling position with a spotter who's not even using binos LOL
This scene is removed because Rambo doesn't need help with anything. Troutman spotting is an insult to Rambo badassness. The scene also labels a weapon by name which never happens in a Rambo movie. It doesn't really fit the mold of Rambo. You know...walk in to a scene head first and take out an entire Army all by yourself. It also doesn't make any sense to cover your tracks when later in the movie he decides "Fuck it" I'm taking all you bitches on with my AK -47 with grenade launcher.

о блин ни разу не видел эту серию-даж ремень на руку намотал как надо))


Рэмбо не соблюдает "trigger discipline" или показалось?

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