glockmeister (glockmeister) wrote,

Aimpoint tech info

Regarding the size of the dot on the Micro T-1 the demo to dispel it's "large 4 MOA" is to place the Micro T-1 on the same rail as a 2 MOA CompM4 or CompM3, so that people can see dots simultaneously. I place the Micro T-1 dot on setting 8 (setting for advertised 50,000 hours - 8760 hours = 1 year) and the CompM4 on setting 12 (setting for advertised 80,000 hours with AA Alkaline - longer for AA Lithium - oh AA Alkaline batteries in CompM4 or CompM4s sights are not having corrosion issues like another company's...I have one with 2 1/2 years and no issues) or setting 7 for CompM3 (setting for advertised 50,000 hours). The T-1 dot will appear slightly larger than the 2 MOA CompM4 or M3. Turning the T-1 to setting 7 makes the size of the dot appear the same size as a 2 MOA. Hope this helps inquiring minds.

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