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Написали,что Джим Шатц ушел

It is with a heavy heart that we at TFB bring news of the death of a true industry great: Jim Schatz has died. Jim’s career in the industry spanned four decades, and he served as a paratrooper (11B) with the 82nd Airborne, a shooter and instructor with the Army Marksmanship Unit, and most famously as an officer with Heckler & Koch. Through his time at H&K, he became known as the guru of all things HK, and many times he was recommended to me as the “go-to” personality whenever my research intersected with that company (which was often).
Познакомился с ним в 2008 году и принимал участие в семинаре, на котором он был одним из ведущих.
Очень увлеченный был человек.
Отдельные его мысли по предмету,касающиеся безгильзовых боеприпасов и планок для крепления аксессуаров, актуальны до сих пор.
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