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Хозяйке на заметку

Напоминаю,что в настоящее время в ВС РФ нет универсального стандартизированного типа прицельной сетки для винтовок предназначенных для стрельбы на дальние дистанции.
The Kahles AMR reticle is currently my favorite. I used to subscribe to the "simple uncluttered" philosophy, but decided to give a "christmas tree" reticle a try because it seemed, theoretically, that it could speed up multiple target engagements - especially on targets that are a little on the larger size.

I watched some videos of guys shooting PRS stages and started a stop watch whenever the shooter lifted his hand off the rifle to adjust his turrets, and stopped the clock when his hand was back on the rifle and his eyes in the glass. Over the course of a ~90 second stage with 4-5 targets, most "dialers" spend 10-15 seconds dialing.

How many times have YOU wished you had even 2 more seconds on a stage??

The other thing I really like about the AMR (and other .2mil stadi reticles) is you have a discrete holdpoint for everything. Either you hold directly on the line for .2, .4, .6 etc... Or you hold dead center between two lines for your .1, .3, .5 etc. It's very easy to hold dead center between two points fairly close to eachother.

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