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Американские оружейники сделали опытную версию Improoved патрона 54R
На тестовых стрельбах показал скорость выше чем 300WSM
Вопрос кучности пока остается открытым

На самом деле, решения по модернизации патрона 54R, даже без изменения геометрии, лежат на поверхности.
Хоть от версии Пальма компании Lapua, хоть от шведского SKAN.
Проблема только в том,что тогда на рынке окажутся 2 боеприпаса одного калибра и одного размера, взаимозаменяемые, но при этом разные по хар-кам.
И при постоянной стрельбе "новым" патроном, поломки оружия сделанного под "старый" патрон неизбежны.
The 54r Improved is very efficient.
Been looking at my MV results of the 54r compared to the 300WSM and it looks likke the 54r inproved is so ecficient that it can actually beet the 300WSM by 100fps. For example the 300 gets 2794fps with 59gr of W760. The 54r Improved gets 3050fps with the same bullet and charge. Now the 300WSM was shot from a 24in barrel and according to Berger if we add 27fps per inch it lands it at 2902fps. Still its lagging by almost 150fps. Keep in mind to that the 300 was with magnum primers. I am using a non magnum primer. Granted the 300swm can hold up to 65.4gr of W760 even at that weight it only pumps out 3080fps. The 54r Improved will yield 3204 with just 60.5gr.
Now lest look at our photo. How does it stack up against the 30-06. Actually not that much better but it is now much faster. Berger lists max safe velocities at 2860fps with 56.3gr of W760. The 54r was managing 2950 average using the same bullet and weight. The 06 is more efficient then the 300 but this is to be expected out of two cases that have radically different over bore ratios.
Now how about the 54r compared to the 54r Improved (54rI). Well we all know that the 54r though it does not hold as much powder as the 06 is about 200fps more efficient then its 06 competitor. The 54r Improved is a little less efficient then its parent case but not by much. Now I do not yet have a lot of data yet for a side by side comparison of the 54r and 54rI but that is because I have no loads worked up for a standard 54r in W760. That will come eventually.
In conclusion I would say it is looking very promising. Its knocking out the competition when it comes to case efficiency. Now we just have to see if accuracy is going to be as good as the 54r parent case.
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