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А вот так у них

Оригинал взят у mr_aug в post
Углядел у arkandinops

Мужчин, ССТ-шник, выложил несколько фотографий своего снаряжения и оружия из командировки в А-стан.

MK17 w/ 13in barrel. Run it pretty slick with only a LA-5 wired to a pressure switch on the vert grip. Optic is a 1-6x elcan. It gets run suppressed 99% of the time. To be completely honest I really dislike the SCAR platform. I wish SOCOM would have gone with a 7.62 AR platform like the LMT MRP rather than this. Regardless, its still a 7.62 and its superior to 5.56 at the normal engagement distances in Afghanistan.

MK18 is run suppressed majority of the time. I know that a suppressed shorty isn't the greatest but with how little I actually shoot at people in a TIC it's not the biggest issue. I've also never really had any issues with it even at high round counts suppressed. Drown it in EWL and it keeps chugging along. Issued eotech(hate it), LA-5, and the insight white/IR weapon light. Stippled pmags are all I run in this sucker.

MK20 w/ Nightforce 3.5-15 with Horus H57. I wish it had a little more power optic wise, but it gets the job done. This gets run suppressed 100% of the time. Its a surefire suppressor and the thing is solid. Often times I get put out on a dismount team to set up an OP and provide overwatch. This thing gets taken along for that and I hope one day I can log a kill with it. It would up my street cred for sure around the teams haha.

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