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Как мне это знакомо...

In years past I lived a relatively short drive from SIGarms Academy and trained there regularly. Due to this I had frequent opportunities to train with and test fire selective fire 550 series rifles and carbines. I also had the chance to compare them head to head with a variety of competing designs.

Frankly, after playing with one I never understood the hoopla concerning this series of rifles. Interesting due to its rarity? Yes. Accurate and reliable? Yes. A significant improvement over a rack grade 5.45×39 AK-74M regarding reliability, durability, range, penetration, terminal performance, exterior ballistics or hit probability? Not hardly.
Долго мечтал пострелять.
Дорвался,пострелял, потом еще пострелял,потом еще раз пострелял.
Поменял модель,пострелял еще разок...
И нифига не понял..., зачем было добавлять вес нормальному АК-74?

sashnik - без обид, винтовки они как женщины
каждому своя=)
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