February 15th, 2015


Материал про Browning M2 и попытки его модернизации.

на английском


Вот это понравилось больше всего

Even though it required headspace and timing adjustments after barrel changes, the M2HB served in Desert Storm and performed with distinction, receiving huge accolades from the troops for its accuracy, reliability, and devastating firepower. Today in Iraq and Afghanistan the M2HB is one of, if not the top rated, machine gun in theater, yet, as expected, reports of field injuries from improper headspace adjustment continue. Frequent troop rotation has once again brought to light that setting headspace and timing is a perishable skill.

Очень, очень познавательно.


Члену экспертного совета ГД РФ стыдно не знать, что кучность автоматического оружия проверяется по другой методике (02:30).
Но уже хорошо,что не в МОА =))

И да, Андрей совершенно прав про стрельбу очередями.
Поэтому в срочном порядке всю армию нужно перевооружить СКСами (стреляем одиночными, но точно), а пулеметчикам поставить видоизмененный усм, допускающий стрельбу только в режиме ОД.

Андрей, не надоело ?

И заканчивая с интересными материалами на сегодня

The U.S. Metric Study was completed in 1971 and their published report recommended we should “go metric” on a carefully coordinated national program. Congress passed the Metric Conversion Act of 1975 and established a U.S. Metric Board, but a timeline was never established for metric conversion. U.S. arms producers like the General Electric Armament Systems Department, followed a government directive mandating that new guns should be metric. They complied in the next product they released, making the drawings for the newest Gatling gun totally metric. And what about the ammunition feed system that connected to it? It was produced using inch system dimensions. Why? Because the government directive said the guns had to be metric, but made no mention of the feed system, so it was a half measure at best. This was typical of the resistive mood of the country towards the metric system. After years of public apathy, spending money, and achieving only marginal results, the U.S. Metric Board was disbanded by President Reagan in 1982.


Определенно,по 5 бальной шкале - это твердые "5 баллов", без вариантов.

Ну и много интересного по ссылке о метрической системе, которую так до конца и не приняли в качестве единой при проектировании образцов стрелкового вооружения.