May 23rd, 2014


Рекомендую к прочтению

Супермаркеты отчасти стимулируют такую ситуацию, требуя от производителей самой бюджетной продукции. Они говорят: «нам не важно, что вы нам нальете, главное, чтобы это стоило копейки. Мы это все равно продадим, не в Москве, так в других городах». Такой продукции полно и среди импортных вин. Супермаркетам нужна совсем бюджетная линейка, вина, которые они продают по 200 рублей, а берут и вовсе по 50 рублей. Химически они не опасны, но это просто «третий сорт – не брак».
А я призываю вас выбирать хорошее вино, и уметь его отличать от плохого.

Немного юмора

Department of State: The United States do not approve to the results of a hockey game between Russian and American national teams. U.S. reported categorical disagreement with the so-called "victory" of the Russian national team in a game with U.S. national team at the World Hockey Championship 2014, held in Belarus these days. This was stated by the Speaker of the U.S. State Department J. Psaki :
- " This game had nothing to do with hockey. In the 21st century we can not play hockey as if it is 20th. The Imperial ambitions of Russian national team were demonstrated in game's methods, as it was during the worst years of the Soviet Union: dirtiest «puck carousel» conducted by the Russian team at the American gate and blocking democratic goals in their own one, it is an attempt to revise status quo and a threat to European security." When asked J. Psaki specified that she did not know the meaning of "carousel", but it was written in her speech, and it is surely something terrible and incompatible with human values: " We have no doubt that Russia stands behind all of this. This is evidenced by Putin's recent participation in the so-called "Night Hockey League" match where he personally scored 6 goals in the opponent's gate. Now it becomes obvious, it was all planned in Russia from the beginning." Ms Speaker also said that President Obama has expressed deep concern about the results of the game and said that "Russia is not only located on the wrong side of history, but also on the wrong side of geography, physics and even PT."

She mentioned that against the Russian national team players the economic sanctions will be immediately imposed: "We , together with our European partners around the world , decided to introduce immediate broad economic sanctions against the persons directly involved in the incident. Russia will pay dearly for it. We have adopted difficult decision, all discount cards of Russian national team players in European and American network sports stores, like Reebok, Nike, Adidas, will be frozen until the next seasonal sales. Imperial schemes designers and agents must understand that they will not go away with it." Ms. Psaki has pointed out the beard of Russian hockey player Ovechkin defiantly shaved in protest against Eurovision song contest results: "It is a protest against the common European values , against the choice of Europe , In the 21st century, one can not just shave his beard at his will, this is unacceptable, beard should immediately return!"

Later it became known that the 6th U.S. fleet will be immediately thrown to the shores of Belarus to strengthen security during the World Cup. The fact that Belarus does borders any sea apparently does not bother the White House .


Про некоторые вещи нельзя писать без сожаления,увы.
Хотя и природа появления этой новости на сайте мне ясна и понятна.
Но товарищи из Попечительского и прочих советов, положение обязывает Вас быть более дальновидными...

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